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Me and my wife started looking for a property to buy since 2014. We have tried several realtors. Unfortunately, none of them can satisfy us. We met Robert at end of year 2015. In the beginning, we just want to give him a try. However, he amazed us by his fast-response, good communication,  professional advice and most updated information. So we quit all other realtors and just rely on Robert. He didn’t let us down. Every week, he will send lists of open houses that match our needs to us and go…
Luke Qu
Why Synergize with us?

Why Synergize with us?

Synergize Realty is a boutique agency located in Santa Clara, California. Initially founded to serve the real estate needs in Silicon Valley / South Bay, Peninsula, and East Bay; Synergize Realty is now an established and rapidly growing presence throughout the Bay Area and Central Valley markets.

Robert Balina is a rare-breed in that being a Realtor is his first and only career. Identifying his passion for sales and management early on, he entered the real estate industry full-time after graduating from college in 2000. Even through the last 3 market downturns, Robert credits his 2+ decades of experience, top-notch coaching from the industry’s finest and good old-fashioned work ethic for Synergize’s growing success.

Today, Synergize Realty is comprised of Robert and an incredible team of sales, marketing, and property management professionals who apply their individual strengths into a collective force to help each client achieve their real estate goals. And although Synergize Realty has come a long way, the founding principles are still the same: provide an individual-based client experience, treat clients like you want your family treated, and give your best to get the best.

Let Robert and Team Synergize turn your Realty into a Reality.